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alexia anapliotis

"We are a family-owned medical technology company located in Berlin, Germany. Focus of our innovative Research and Development activities is developing and producing individual solutions for implants for hip revision, foot surgery, treatment of major bone defects, oncology, periprothetic fractures and trauma implants."

Alexia Anapliotis, CEO

History and Milestones of the Company


The company is founded by Emmanuel Anapliotis who belongs to the pioneers of the modern orthopedic implant industry in Germany.

The DuoKopf Bipolar Hip Stems, the spheric screw-in cup Mecring, die MecroSet Resection Prostheses and especially the Mecron cannulated screws go back to his company Mecron in the 70's and 80's.


Daughter of founder, Alexia Anapliotis, starts in the family company as Head of Sales & Marketing department.


BioBall®, the innovative hip endoprosthesis modular head system is developed.


Begin of development and production of locking implants for foot surgery. The innovative MetaFix™ Hallux Valgus system is registered and marketed internationally.


Dr. Ing. Curt Kranz, the well-known Bioengineer, is appointed to Technical Director. Dr. Kranz reorganizes the R&D department of the company and implements modern production- and quality systems.

Patent for the OsteoBridge® system and development of diaphyseal implants for bone defects and tumor resections.


Cooperation with BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing Berlin) for the development of the EPICAL bioactive titan-surface-process. Grant of world patent.


Foundation of Merete Medical, Inc. in New York State (USA) for the direct selling of foot implants and OsteoBridge™ implants to hospitals and surgeons in the US.

Since then more than 23 FDA registrations have been approved.


Foundation of affiliate in Poland: Merete Polska in Wroclow.

Building and opening of the state-of-the-art production site in Luckenwalde, Brandenburg. (see photo below)


Extension of OsteoBridge™ system with Knee Arthrodesis implants.


FDA approval of OsteoBridge IKA (Intramedullary Knee Arthrodesis) system.

Approval of MEROTAN EPICAL™ hip endoprosthesis.


Development and patent application of V-Polyplate locking osteosynthesis plate system.

Development and patent application of MetaFix® Plantar BG10 plate for hallux valgus correction.


Alexia Anapliotis is appointed to Co-Managing Director of Merete Medical GmbH.

Merete® Academy is initiated

Preparation workshop series starts


Merete® celebrates the 10th anniversary of  MetaFix®

Merete® intends to expand its company location in Luckenwalde

Merete receives CE-approval for EPICAL™ implant surface treatment on its cementless titanium endoprostheses

Introduction of the Merete® BioBall® AdapterSelector

Introduction of the Merete® CS Screws in Germany and USA

Introduction of the Merete® CS Screws in Germany and USA

PediatrOS™ FlexTack™, an implant for unilateral growth delay in children’s legs is approved

Foot specimen workshop 2013 is held


BioBall® MaxiMotion Cup receives CE-approval

Merete® ScarFix™ plate receives FDA-approval

Introduction of the MetaFix™ TTF Tibio Talus Fusion plate, developed together with Dr. Blackney,Melbourne, Australia

Design of MetaFix® OpenWedge plate and MetaFix® MTP Fusion System updated

PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ - First adolescent successfully treated

Foot specimen workshop 2014 is held

merete-medical-gmbhMerete company sites in Berlin and Luckenwalde